Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Common issues with Bike Lights and the best Remedy for them

Front lights are an essential requirement for a bike; but rear bike lights are sometimes mistaken to be less relevant in terms of visibility, many riders, mostly youngsters, go for fancy, stylish options instead. It’s a mistake to underestimate the disadvantage of poor visibility when you are sharing roads with motor vehicles. On city roads, the streetlights are good enough for bikers, but still they need to maintain visibility amidst flashes of high power car lights. So, you need to consider the best rear bike lights.

Common Issues with bike lights 

Claims of high lumen LEDs don’t always deliver in reality. While, the specifications on online stores or on bike light kit-boxes sound incredible, there are some issues that users face on buying these on mere reviews, repenting their decision later. 
A high (lumen) output is better, no doubt, but at the same time this output will empty battery quicker than low output light. This simply implies that battery-backup, of course, is one of the most crucial specifications when choosing a bike light. Many bile-light kits come with different batteries for front and rear lights. In that case, you will have to keep in mind that you charge both the batteries. To avoid that, go for a kit that has a single energy source. That’ll cut the clutter of wires and mounting of individual batteries every time you charge them. Protection for battery from weather, especially rain; it’s a common feature in almost every bike light available in the market. However, not all of them pay appropriate attention to the significance of keeping batteries away from water. You need to be sure how durable and water-resistant the protection frame is. 

The best rated option in market 

A number of bike-light manufacturers are into delivering to fulfill demands of bike-lighting. Still, fundamentally someone wears crown of being the best, and in case of rear bike lights, Magicshine enjoys good ratings from consumers. Most often, consumers seeking suggestions and reference for best rear bike lights will come across this name. Magicshine rear cycle lights are better performer on various grounds that we discussed above regarding the common issues faced by bike-light consumers. Magicshine also have issues, but such drawbacks are contained narrowly to outshine other competitors in market.

Magicshine lights operate with a lithium-ion battery pack, which is strapped to the stem with Velcro surface for easy attachment & detachment process. The lights come with a Y-splitter and extender cable that receives power from single battery. Well, that means you don’t need to deal with multiple batteries for front and rear lights. While the size and weight is lighter, the cables might need some assistance like zip-ties or VBelcro straps. A single 3W red LED at the center of the unit is surrounded by nine SMD red LEDs and delivers and output of around 85 lumen. Also, it comes with different light modes to suit the requirements of different environments. Well, with all those specifications, it doesn’t sound a bad deal at all.

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