Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Five Cycling Innovations that Rocked the London Bike Show 2015

This year’s London Bike Show featured some innovative cycling products that included everything from 3D printed bikes to intelligent bike lights. These innovations attracted appreciation from all bike enthusiasts.

To mention five most popular innovations at showcase, the list will include:

3D Printed Bike
3D Printing technology attracted attention of bike makers as well. Each one of them is looking to cash on the trend as soon as possible. Empire, a mountain bike maker, entered the league with its 3D printed, titanium version MX6-EVO model –named MX6-R.  It’s the only 3D printed bike in the world and it takes about £20,000 to print one. The idea of self-printing a bike is still not near, but it’s an appreciable step towards the apparent future.

Tannus Solid Bike Tire

Tannus debuted their new Aither 1.1 at the Bike Show as an update on last year’s compound. The main update was the Solid Tires that offers a puncture-less riding experience to bikers. The tires left behind the concept of an air-filled inner tube, which was very vulnerable to puncture on coming in contact with sharp, edgy objects. The Tannus Solid Tires are made of better material that encases minuscule air bubbles in stronger protective walling. Each of these bubbles is about 10 micrometers wide. The tire offers more resistance with lighter weight as compared to traditional bike tires.

See.Sense Bike Lights

See.Sense showcases its intelligent bike lights which can Automatically turn on and off and tune the brightness to match the light available in the surroundings. When it senses incoming cars, the lights begin flashing faster than normal. It keeps others alert and aware of your presence on the road. The lights can be attached to cycle handlebar or seatpost and the change in the flashing pattern is a promising trick that grabs attention immediately. It also features a range of motion gestures.

GoCycle G2

European countries like Holland and Germany are inclining towards e-bike usage. In these nations, e-bikes now account for 50 percent of the value of the entire adult bicycle market.  GoCycle is leading the trend. It’s a foldable bike that facilitates storage. GoCycle G2 was on showcase at the Bike Show. It’s an update to company’s previous model, and features new integrated lights and electrical gear shift. Better torque sensors are incorporated that can react to smallest of changes in the amount of power applied through pedals and electrical gear shifts.


FABike is a one-framefits-all bicycle which feature a frame that allows it to morph from a mountain bike to a single-speed or geared road bike. The cyclist need to attach the adjustable parts like the rear drop-outs, to align it in accordance with individual need for performance. The idea is to provide a substitute to those who either like using different bike types or are collectors. It’s not easy to fit a lot of bikes in a small space. The FABike can cut the clutter and the need for buying and keeping different bikes. You can call it a ‘Transformer type bike species’ in first stage of evolution.

The Bike Show was an electrifying experience for those who witnessed it, and now, the expectations are even higher for next year’s event.

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