Thursday, March 26, 2015

How to use and care Magicshine MJ-6036 Rechargeable Battery?

Bikelights UK is known to be the most promising bicycle light manufacturers and sellers in the UK and Europe. Bikelights UK provides the widest range of Magicshine bike lights and their related powering batteries.  Adding into the list, Magicshine MJ-6036 rechargeable battery is their yet another ‘gemstone.’ 

The MJ-6036 also known as the 'Endurance Battery' is the official Magicshine for the MJ-880. Magicshine MJ-6036 battery has an efficiency and competence of its own. It is really powerful, long lasting and an amazing performer.

Specifications of MJ-6036

It has the following specifications:
  • In terms of performance, there is nothing better than this MJ-6036 battery. The Magicshine MJ-6036 battery is a powerful battery made up of 6X18650 Lithium-ion 6600mAh batteries.
  • With an impressive run time of 2.3 hours at maximum power, it proves to be the ultra-lasting player.
  • Encapsulated into a hard casing, it is water resistant eliminating the need for a battery bag.
  • It is mounted to the bike by 2 adjustable, durable rubber straps making it perfect for any sized frame.
  • It is a lightweight battery with a weight of 395g.
Caring for your MagicShine MJ-6036 battery
Although, the Magicshine MJ-6036 battery comes with a warranty of 1 year, offered by Magicshine itself, still it is important to take correct measures to care for these batteries.

Magicshine batteries are made up of Li-ion (Lithium-Ion) batteries that are relatively new for the people to have an idea about how to safely use them to maximize their life and performance. 

Follow these tips to extend the life of your MJ-6036 and other Magicshine batteries
  1. Charge your MJ-6036 after every use and do not let them discharge fully.
  2. Do not try to fast charge your battery.
  3. Do not store the battery in HOT place; excessive heat may shorten its life.
  4. Do not leave on the charger for more than 24 hours.
  5. Disconnect the battery from the lighthead when not in use. Check the cables for any damage and make sure they are perfectly dry.  If you leave the battery connected to the lighthead, you may find it impossible to recharge your deep discharged battery.
  6. Repair the wires of your battery before use, if they get damaged due to short-circuit.
  7. Store the battery in a cool place (over the summer) with 40% charge for their long term storage.
  8. The battery can get more vulnerable to damage if subjected to high rate charging.
  9. Li-ion batteries cannot be charged when they are below 0° C (32°F). This can damage the battery pack, if done repeatedly.
  10. A battery if over charged or discharged can become unstable and can even get fire. As a safety measure, always charge the battery at a place away from any other flammable materials by removing it from the bike. 
The Magicshine MJ-6036 battery is highly efficient and comes with 1-year warranty, but if you follow the above safety measures and use the battery accordingly, you will never need to avail this warranty. 

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