Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Ensuring Safety by Using Bike Lights

From the time of invention of wheel to the making of hayabusa man has discovered various ideas to improve safety measures by installing good lights at both rear and front end. In recent times the lights used oil to operate for the simple bicycle. Later on lights were made from acetylene gas followed by carbide lamps.  Then came the usage of dynamo also called as lead acid battery and presently LED’s are very widely used. In fact many countries have made it compulsory for all the vehicles to have lights since it is very vital for safety and security. Therefore, bike lights have found importance from the past itself. 

The very basic reason of usage of bike lights is that they make others notify your existence on the road. And it’s not just about your presence being notified by others but the bigger reason in safety parameters. Safety is the first and foremost priority and humans have devised many devices to secure itself in all best possible ways. And when it comes to being on road one needs to be very cautious. During the day due to sufficient light one may not have to rely on these bike lights but at nights bike light is really important both at front and back ends and even at times of low visibility lights such as fog or smog become must to save you from back hit.

Further in case of hail storm or heavy rain having a good bike light saves you not just from being hit but by being like a sign board for the rescuers in case you are stuck somewhere. 

According to legal safety measures:

Rear of the bike must definitely have a red light with a bright light on the front end with a minimum visibility of at least 200 metres. Then a red reflector which is noticeable from 50 metres is must. In bicycles it is must to have reflectors at both wheels and pedals. This reduces chances of an accident to a great extent.

Apart from these legal measures there are some other points to be kept in mind before you spend on buying these lights for yourbike. 
  • Depending on the budget you have and your riding style and the power rating that will be best suited for your bike one can go ahead with the lights one is comfortable with. 
  • Further how well they are mounted on your bike is another important issue not affecting your helmet and also reaching out the batteries which are somewhere down in the tube region.
  • The range of the light that is the power of the beams and whether it is legal to use them. 
  • Choosing the brand carefully is again an important part since it defines the credibility of the light whether it can withstand adverse weather conditions and can continue to work after mild shocks as well.
  • Then run time of the light is again to be kept under serious consideration and whether it comes with the battery backup or can be replaced in case of an emergency.


    There is large variety of backlight available in the market depending on your budget and requirements and a good battery backup is always advisable to keep with. Even at a reasonable budget one can equip the bike with safety measures.

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