Tuesday, June 9, 2015

What to Consider while Buying new bike lights?

Bicycles are becoming the next passion for youngsters, adults and even, the old age people are fond of them. If you are planning to make a purchase very soon, for yourself or someone else, you need to be very cautious.  Especially, for the bike lights, you cannot take any risk. Read on to know more.


Whether you ride it for a fun or you keep it to stay fit, your bicycle is an all-time companion of yours. Driving through the ups and downs, you enjoy every single moment spend along it. Therefore, it forms a special part of your life. Are you planning to change the old one? Or want to gift it to your son, whatever the reason is, there are few facts you cannot escape from. It is related to the lights on your bike. Lights offer safety while driving. Thus, it is important to consider the quality of bike lights before making any purchase. Let’s find out, what all you need to check:

1. Brightness: Lights are meant for showing the path in the dark. Hence, they need to produce enough bright light. Nowadays, LED is being used in the bicycles generally. Whenever you buy a new bike, make sure it features at least a 1-watt bulb. If you are a regular bicycle commuter, it is ideal for maximum visibility on the tail light. Secondly, if you are considering lumens, then it should be 250 lumens (the commuting lights). 

2. Battery Power: Brightness matters a lot, but battery affects the brightness of your lights. Thus, you cannot ignore the battery power. It has a significant impact on the intensity. A couple of lithium Watch batteries will give you 100 hours of run time. You can switch to the AA or AAA batteries. They offer 24-hour run time and are available in 1-2 watt. 

3. Quality: You will get a wide range of bike lights, varying in quality and price. It is advisable not to compromise quality. You must go for the best quality LED’s.

4. Functionality: The choice of lights will depend on the way you wish to use it. For example, if you want to vary the luminance, you need flashing lights. Similarly, if you want to make your bike extra-ordinary, you can go disco flashlights too.

5. Uses: Choose the light, which goes perfect with you bike. Among the various designs available, pick the one with proper set up bracket. It will now become easy to attach it to the seat post, backpack, handlebars, or helmet. 

If done with these points, you can drive off to your destination. Remember, driving safe is must!

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