Friday, April 26, 2013

Why ISAW A2 Action Camera is mostly used in sports

Even cameras designed and manufactured specially for sportspersons and adventure lovers malfunction within 2 or 3 months of use. Some cameras cannot just withstand the wear, tear and few others fail to perform due to frequent bouncing movements. Yet, few others have little or no modern features such as a wide camera angle, sturdy outer body, long battery life and HD recording quality. 

A camera that has got everything sportspersons could ask for!

ISAW A2, a 32 GB (maximum capacity) action camera fairs well on standard checklist of a sportsperson (swimmer, cyclist, paragliding instructor, skater or anyone else). Anyone looking to buy a camera that offers excellent image quality along with essential features including curved and flat mount, short and long connector, USB connectivity and extended recording capacity will find ISAW A2 action camera to be a perfect match. 

A camera that withstand moisture and rains 

Not all action cams that claim to be ‘waterproof’ can actually deal with moisture for a very long time. Yes, they might perform for the first few days when you wade through the rain on your bicycle or go hiking deep inside a rain forest; but they will stop working as soon as a couple of water droplets seep inside through metal or plastic body joints. ISAW A2 Action Camera has a proven waterproof capability till the depth of 50 meters, thanks to waterproof housing construction made from sturdy stainless steel and polycarbonate. That said, you’d never have to worry about over-exposure to water or moisture whether the camera is mounted on top of your head, helmet, bicycle bar handle or anywhere else! No wonder, sports people love this camera! 

Sportsperson-centric Features 

Who wouldn’t want to record HD videos and upload them on YouTube after having done something remarkable? ISAW A2 is a 1080pHD Sports camera with 3.5MP lens. Since the camera has got low-light intensity features, you can record good quality videos on the go even when the light exposure is relatively less. The camera offers a high 140 degree angle of view, thereby allowing you to get a wider coverage without having to focus on the camera when you’re swimming, playing or cycling. On top of this, the camera has ‘auto exposure’ facility and a small LCD screen along with LEDs for indicating low battery and other information make it easier to use the camera. Perfect.
Features, quality and compactness make ISAW A2 Action Camera the number one choice for all those looking for a sports camera, but it is due to the affordable price that people are really in a position to buy it. Its weigh less costly than the rest who cannot come even close to it in terms of the features and quality. 

Friday, April 19, 2013

Is Fluxient 3xu2 3000 Lumen Bike Light the Brightest

Bikelights UK is one name that is reminiscent with bike lights in UK. Bikelightsuk is proudly the best and probably one of the first retailers to bring amazing bike lights to UK. Bikelights uk has provided all riders in the UK and Europe with some of the finest and most amazing bike lights over the years, a reason it has become one of the most trusted names in manufacturing and sale of bike light in UK.
Some of the best bike lights that we have seen and used in the past, from bikelightsuk include the magicshine mj-872 1600, magicshine mj-808, magicshine mj-816, magicshine mj-868 and magicshine MJ-818. Undoubted, Magicshine bicycle lights are the finest bicycle light sets in the market. Yes, almost all Magicshine bicycle front lights and back lights are cool to use, but our outright personal favorite in the collection is the Magicshine MJ-868 retro front bike light which offers impressive 1000 lumens output (just for insight, that’s even more than an average beam of a car’s headlight).

Here’s more detail for your reference:
Fluxient 3xU2
Now, if you thought this was the best guys at bikelightsuk could do when it comes to brightness and output, just think again. Bikelightsuk has developed the Fluxient 3xU2 Bike light, which is touted as the brightest high power LED light presently available on the market.
The Fluxient 3xU2 is the brightest bike light because it delivers a whopping output of 3000 Lumens (now compare that with the 1000 lumens of the Magicshine MJ-868, which we said was more than the car’s light).
8800mAh battery
The amazingly bright light output is made possible with a 8800mAh battery, which powers the Fluxient 3xU2 for about 2.7hours to 10 hours, depending on the power level chosen by the cyclist. So, if you want to be noticed (massively) on the road on a rainy evening or pitch dark night, the Fluxient 3xU2 bike light is surely a lighting unit which will not disappoint you in any way.
Convenient feature
The Fluxient 3xU2 bike light has four different functions, ranging fromHigh, Medium, Low and SOS flash, which the user can toggle through with just a click of a button on the light.
The Fluxient 3xU2 bike light features a secure swivel mounting system which allows the light to be safely mounted onto any size handlebar, including the standard or oversized bars, or some fancy one you may have on your bike.

2 years Warranty
Though, we are sure you won’t have any real problem with the Fluxient 3xU2 bike light once you have mounted it on to your bike, but in case you tend to have a problem, the bike light comes with 2 year warranty, which will have all the problems covered.
Components of the bike light unit
The Fluxient 3xU2 bike light is now available on bikelightsuk’s website for an offer price of $137.99. The bike light box when shipped to you will include:
·         A Fluxient 3xU2 light
·         8800 mAh waterproof battery pack
·         Swivel mount compatible with all handlebars
·         UK mains charger
·         Free extension lead

Friday, April 12, 2013

6 Things You Should Know About Road Bike Light Sets

Compact, durable and high-intensity road bike lights are a must for anyone cycling on the road in dim-light conditions. Listed below are 5 important things you should know about road bike light units:
1.    What is the Power to Price Ratio?
Bicycle light sets, especially bicycle front lights should have lumen output as high as 600-1000 lumens. The light beam emitted by a Magicshine MJ-808 has the intensity of 1000 lumens. That said, you can see several meters ahead of you on the road. If you’re spending more than 200 pounds on a light unit, make it a point to choose the ones that provide an output of at least 600.

2.    How long is the warranty period?
Reputed sellers who offer bike lights in UK usually offer extended 10-12 month warranties on various components. There is, however, some exclusion, and you should read the description carefully to find out if there are any.
3.    Are there going to be any heating problems?
The best bike lights, Magicshine MJ-818 85 for example, have cooling fins. At times, you may need to use the lights for a long time at a stretch. In such cases, cheap and poorly designed road bike lights (front or rear) can give up due to overheating.
4.    How can the light unit be mounted?
Front, rear and other reflectors should be easy to mount. Magicshine mj-808, Magicshine MJ-816 and other high-end bicycle front and rear light sets have O-ring mounting mechanism. This system allows a biker to easily fit the light unit on the handle or circular bars over the tires. Also, they prevent bouncing movements, thus providing you with a steady beam. O-ring mounting, among many others, is the reason bikers love Magicshine mj-872 1600 and Magicshine MJ-868.

5.    Is it easy to use the road bike light?
Bicycle light sets should have digital or analog systems to keep you informed about the charge level. You wouldn’t like bicycle front lights to turn off at a time when you need them, would you? Magicshine bicycle lights have multi-color charge indicators that let you know about different charge levels. Red, for example, serves as a warning that the battery is running out fast. Green, on the other hand, indicates that the charge level is high.
6.    Can the light unit configured situational needs?
Bike light units, whether to be used on the front or the back side of a bike, should have different modes of working. When it’s not too dark, you won’t really need a focused beam, for example. Availability of multiple modes means that you can easily manage the battery power and choose whether you’d have a focused beam with wider reach in a straight line or a wider beam that lets you keep a check on the surrounding areas on deserted roads.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

How Magicshine MJ-808E Bicycle Light Work Better than Others

Magicshine MJ-808E is one of those very few bicycle lights in the market that can possibly out-flood any cheap or expensive light unit you now abhor so much. The pleasant white beam of this bicycle light unit is very bright, unique and truly exceptional! Read on to know how it works!
Article Body:

People looking for a great bar or helmet mount light unit systems often have a hard time finding them online and offline. While some light units fit easily on top of a bicycle handle or helmet but come with poor luminosity, others have inferior battery backup or fail to perform in rains. Yet, few others give up after being in use for just 2-3 weeks! The unique thing about Magicshine MJ-808E bicycle light is that it has got the best of everything!
What Makes MJ-808E Different From the Rest?
Magicshine lights have always been special. 808E front light unit has got an advanced CREE LED and therefore, it can offer even brighter beam of light. The total lifespan of this new LED is over 50 thousand hours! It means, you can go on using the light system for many-many years to come! Moreover, this light unit clearly beats all others in the race by offering a hard-to-achieve output of 1000 lumens!
How is this light unit durable?

This advanced version of Magicshine front bicycle light system has an anodized and anti-abrasive covering. Very durable alloys such as aircraft aluminum have been used to manufacture sturdy covers and other containers for circuits, battery etc. It’s due to the sturdy design, high-end alloy body and careful manufacturing backed by advanced technology that make MJ-808-808 a very durable bike light unit.
 How is it to use a Magicshine 808-E light unit on a bike?
Once you got this light unit installed, it means:
1.    You’ll get a low battery warning alert as soon as the battery is running out. You can take preemptive steps.  The indicator changes color from green to yellow. It changes to red when just 5% power is left to be consumed!
2.    You need not worry about the rainy weather. Snug connectors and alloy body helps you ensure that the rain does not interfere when you’re in a mood to have some fun in overcast conditions!
3.    You will no longer be ignored on the road by a motorist. MJ light units, especially this one, can out-flood even a car headlight! No kidding.
4.    Rough mountain biking will just get easier. The long power backup helps you make sure you arrive at your destination safely without any unpleasant surprises on the way even if you’re cycling in pitch dark on a rainy day!
5.    The light unit will handle the ‘overheating’ on its own. You need not worry about that! The output of the light unit will automatically decrease to tackle the problem of overheating.
6.    The light unit sets of an amazingly beautiful light pattern. You’ll never feel alone when cycling in the mountains, woods or on country roads.