Wednesday, January 30, 2013

HEDCAM HD Wide Camcorder 2nd Generation – Better than You can Believe

BikeLightsUK a trusted and reliable provider of bike gear and accessories in the United Kingdom recently announced that the company would be providing the 2nd generation HEDCAM HD Wide Camcorder. This for sure, should sound pleasant to bike enthusiasts who often find it hard to order even the most sophisticated bike accessories online. Very few online vendors and service providers have actually been able to win the trust of bikers in the UK by offering quality products, second to none service guarantees and fresh stocks.
Apparently, a large number of people were waiting for the 2nd generation HEDCAM HD Wide camcorder. Now, with the official announcement of, their wait is finally over.
With superior optics and firmware, the new HEDCAM HD Wide camcorder has scores of other features that no other product in the market can match. Compared to the previous generation of this camcorder, and even new models offered by other manufacturers, HEDCAM HD Wide Camcorder 2nd generation is simply unbeatable. No wonder immediately began to stock these HEDCAMs as soon as they were made available by the manufacturers. True to its reputation, the company will not make anyone wait for want of more stocks.
The new HEDCAM offers the facility of loop record as well as the ability to record videos whilst its batteries are being charged. It can be safely said that manufacturers and innovators responsible for designing and manufacturing the 2nd generation of this outstanding camcorder focused quiet a lot on increasing the overall recording times for bike enthusiasts. It goes without saying that bikers were actually looking for such features in camcorders.
The new camcorder allows a user to record the full view as it provides an unbelievable 135 degree camera angle. With a built-in battery, bikers can go about recording HD (High Definition) video for as long as 90 minutes in total without needing to stop for battery replacement or recharge. Also, users can insert memory cards with a maximum capacity of 32 GB and record long HD videos on the go.
While recording quality, capacity, angle and other features make it a perfect head camcorder, it is due to the mounting options that this HEDCAM can actually be put into perfect use by bikers. It is possible to mount this camcorder on anything including a biker’s head, arm, wrist, MTB etc. In fact, bikers can even mount the camcorder on goggles!
After getting to know about all the features that HEDCAM HD Wide Camcorder has, it is just hard to believe that the device with such great capabilities is just the size of an index finger! It’s waterproof and it’s so light that a biker can hardly feel if the camcorder is there on his or her head, wrist or anywhere else.
Good things come in a package and this camcorder for sure packs a whole lot of them. will perhaps need to keep stocking up as sales of the camcorder will skyrocket anytime soon.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Get to Know About Fluxient Bike Light 4xR5 1600 Lumen

With growing popularity of bike riding, one essential consideration that has grabbed attention of bike riders is the safety of night riding. There was once time, when bikes never had lights, then came a time, when only a few bike aficionados got these lights put up, and now in the present times, all those riding the bike at night need to have them. In fact, laws have come up that make bike lights a necessity for night riding.
Lights not only make the road ahead more visible, decreasing the chances of tripping over stones or potholes, but make your presence on the road visible to all other riders, who can spot form a distance and hence avoid any kinds of collisions.
And, in fact there are different varieties of lights that available for different needs. There are different lights for mountain riders and others for city commuters. Today, we’ll elaborate more about the Fluxient 4XR5 light unit by Magicshine. These lights are the latest offerings by Magicshine and rate high on performance and quality.
The 4XR5 light come with an amazing output of 1600 lumens, which is good for visibility purpose during the darkest nights, with a long beam that shows quite far in the distance. These lights have in fact been tested against many other brands in the market, and proved to have better lighting capacity than others.
To add more fun to the lights and how they look on the bikes, the fluxient bike lights have been given a sleek design that fits well on every kind of bike, without protruding awkwardly. The design is quite similar to the Magicshine MJ-872, but there is one major difference. These new lights have a gun metal design, instead of their plastic counterpart, which makes them much more durable, and classy in looks.
When you buy fluxient 4xr5 1600lumen lights, you’ll get an entire pack of accessories with it. The pack will include O-rings that help easy mounting of the lights over the bike handles. Not just the handles, these lights can also be fixed over the helmet. The pack includes a separate fluxient helmet mount. Also, you get a 4400mAh battery pack that gives you an impressive 2.5 hours of runtime.
The design of the lights makes them easy to operate. There are click switches that help you to not only turn the lights on and off, but also adjust the flash of light, on low, medium and high. The lights are bond to leave you impressed with the first use. They come with a 2 years warranty, and there is hardly much chance of disappointment.
So, for all those venturing out from home at night, whether from work, or for a ride around the city, or even off road-ing in the mountains, the adjustable flash of the lights help you solve all your lighting problems. These lights meet all the required standards demanded by the law and will last longer than you expect. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The latest cycling innovations of 2012

The increasing popularity of cycling among people is prompting suppliers to make them even more user friendly and safe. Among the many things, most cyclists are acquainted with bike lights, helmets, gear bikes, and more, but the year 2012 in particular came up with some of the most interesting cycling innovations that will not only increase the pleasure of riding, but make it more fun as well as safe.
Innovative Bike Lights
For one we all know there are plenty of LED front and tail lights available in the market, but taking this one step further, companies like Revolights has made unique lights for night riding. The company is out with their bike wheel lights, which consist of hoop like lights made of 8 LEDs that fit onto the exiting wheel rim powered by lithium ion battery. Apart from this, there are the no-dynamo lights powered by wheel motion, or the automatic lights that sprout up on their own when it’s dark outside.

Wireless electronic gear shifting system
Simple electronic gear shifting systems did create a buzz a little time ago, but now it’s time for the next big thing. An Italian firm Tiso recently announced the gear system in which the bar mounted shifters will communicate with the down tube unit wirelessly. Not launched commercially, the product is likely to be more cost effective when compared with the electric counterparts.
Shock absorbing cycle seats
Bumpy roads giving you a tough ride on your bicycle? This can now be dealt with special shock absorbing seats for bicycles. A variant manufactured by BioFloat embodies a mechanism wherein the rail clamp of the seat is cradled in a pair of flexible elastometer inserts that help in separating the seat from the rest of the cycle. It absorbs quite a lot of those clumsy bumps along the road, keeping you in greater comfort.
Cloud integrated bike tracking system
With bikes becoming smarter, thieves too are upgrading themselves with technology to outrun all sort of locking systems you install. But, now there are tracking systems that are installed GPS. The GPS gets activated as soon as there are vibrations in the bike and detect all its movement.  Information about the movements of the bike is updated in the cloud every 20 sec, so you’ll know the exact location of the bike and track it back easily. SpyBike is one of the pioneers of this technology.

A floor pump that doubles as a seat post
Companies like BioLogic recently launched their floor pump that doubles as a seat. Ordinarily, hand pumps are easier to use and carry around, and floor pumps fill air in the tires more rapidly, but BioLogic has come with a solution that combines both these utilities. The PostPump 2.0 serves both as part of the bike and can be used as a seat and for pumping up air in tires.
Torch Helmet
Getting front and tail lights installed is not a bad idea for night bikers, but it’s much easier to have a helmet with lights that can be easily worn over the face. The Torch 1 helmet is one such helmet that features a white LED light in the front and a red one in the back. The lights work both in flash and steady mode. They don’t really light the path ahead of you, but are certainly bright enough to get noticed by others on the road.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

UCI BMX Supercross 2013 World Cup: Bigger Than Ever

Bike riders in the United Kingdom have a reason to cheer!  The BMX Super Cross World Cup Series for the year 2013 is scheduled on 19th April, 2013 at Manchester, UK. Chula Vista in California, US will host the final round on 28th, September 2013. It would be the second time in the bike riding sport events history that a World Cup Series is being organized for bike riders from across the world. . It would be an annual event this time organized on a global scale. The 2013 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup series will touch over five countries this year.
The event consists of a total of five rounds. The series begins in Manchester, UK where first rounds of the historic World Cup are scheduled on 19th and 20th of April, 2013. Santiago de Estaro (Argentina) would hold second round on 10th and 11th May, 2013. Papendal (Netherlands) will host the third round of the series on 15 to 16th June, 2013. Finally, Abbotsford in Canada will host the fourth round on 6 to 7th June, 2013.
The much awaited series will terminate in USA with the fifth and final round on 27 to 28th September, 2013. The range of the 2013 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup series could be estimated from the total funding to the tune of 138,000 Pounds for Manchester venue (UK) alone.
The BMX Supercross is raced on a 350m circuit. Riders launch themselves from an 8m high ramp and race over track on alternate bumps, banked corners and flat sections. The race involves lot of competition and in order to qualify for the second round the riders need to finish in the first four during the heats of first round. Riders are well-trained to capitalize on the options available to them. They either try to land quickly to gain more speed or attempt to gain height during the fight with the fellow participants. Many reach up to five meters in height and offer a treat to the eyes of the sports lovers witnessing the event.
The team organizers, event promoters, marketing executives and media personnel have left no stone unturned this time to make the event a huge success. A two day seminar has been organized already. Organizers also spent two days at World Cycling Centre (WCC) in Aigle, Switzerland in order to share new experiences and fresh ideas on hosting the World Cup.
The participants also went over their obligations as per guidelines in the 2013 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup Organization Guide. Each organizer had individual meetings with the UCI regarding the issues related to the world event. Therefore, it is guaranteed that the bike riding event this time would be on a greater and extensive scale, surpassing all levels of popularity.
The event has gone global a big way this time. Consequently, all bike riders are invited to eyewitness this grand event and get to the grips with the absolute basics of bike riding. It has never been this easy to share the ideas and views related to bike riding with fellow bike lovers amidst bike riding champions from different countries. There has been never a great time for bike riding as it is at present, with more participants, world class event management and greater media coverage.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

London Bikes Show, 2013

The London Bike Show is one of the premier cycling exhibitions, which had attracted more than 85,000 visitors in 2012. This year the event is scheduled to take place on 17-20th January. The four day event will be hosted at the ExCel Exhibition Center London, along with four other shows, the Outdoors Show, The Active Travel show, Tullett Prebon, and the London Boat Show.
The event will feature UK’s first fully indoor criterium race, the IG London Nocturne, 2013. There will be a series of races, including Men and Women Elite Criterium Race, Penny Fathering and Folding Bike Race.  The races will be organized on all four days of the event to give every visitor an altogether different, never seen before experience. This new partnership is likely to fetch the show and its organizers an edge over all their competitors.

Vos Media Limited, the company that is organizing this year’s event wants to give all visitors,  whether they like road cycling, mountain biking, weekend cycling with family, or commuting to work every day on the bike; products and information that will be useful to them.
A comprehensive bike exhibition, the London Bike show is the perfect platform for not only bike enthusiasts, but also for distributors, retailers, and wholesalers selling bike parts, and supplying components, agents, technicians, professionals and all other people who’d like to expand their business network by establishing relations by impressing upon the leading manufacturers and suppliers.

For other casual visitors, there is plenty to learn. Informative seminars will be organized during the exhibition. You can attend these and prepare yourself for the coming spring cycling events.
Winter is the time when cycling comes to a halt for most people because of rain, snow, and severe cold waves. So this is the best time to relax and enhance your knowledge about cycling techniques, products, and other related aspects of biking.

At the London Bike Show, a display of different biking products will take center stage. You can through collections of some of the best motorcycle wheels and tires, cycling gear, helmets, motorcycle chassis, brakes, lights, electrical parts, motorcycle seats, armor, boots, chains, shock absorbers, and the list goes long.

Apart from the exhibition, the other highlights of the show include, The Animal Bike Tour and Bike Radar Training. As part of the Animal Bike Tour, legendary Martyn Ashton and Blake Samson will be putting up a spectacular aerial show every day, showing their skills, control and balance with the bikes. It is rare to get them perform such acts, so be there. At the end of show visitors have the opportunity to win some free Animal Tour Gear and some other limited edition merchandise as well.

For all professionals who wish to sharpen their skills at cycling, there is the Bike Radar Training session for you. Experts from Koolstof Coaching Centre will put you through a series of tests and consultation sessions to train you with different techniques of cycling. Other events that might grab your attention include The Climbing Village, The Photography Village, and Bike Pole.
Lastly, for all readers, the best news is that only one ticket will give you entry to all the four shows at the ExCel Exhibition Center from the 17th to the 20th of January. It’s perfect value for your time and money!